Service Status

We continuously monitor our infrastructure and its related services.

Location Availability Status
Port Melbourne 100% Operational
Ravenhall 100% Operational
Caroline Springs 100% Operational
Burnside 100% Operational
Service Availability Status
Primary Internet Connection (Melbourne) 100% Operational
Secondary Internet Connection (Melbourne) 100% Operational
Primary Internet Exchange (Melbourne) 100% High Latency
Secondary Internet Exchange (Melbourne) 100% Operational

Status updates and incident reports may be delayed up to 30 minutes depending on the technical issue at hand. Please scroll down for past incident reports.

Active Incidents

September 09, 2018

Port Melbourne Core Router Rebooted
We noticed our core routers rebooted between 5:00am - 5:10am AEST, customer may have experienced a 5-10mins outage window while our backbone automatically started backup.
ACTIONS TAKEN: Disable netflow services and reported issue with responsable hardware vendors.
STATUS: Waiting on bug fix to be released.

Past Incidents

July 14, 2018

Burnside Power Upgrades
Melbourne ISP was able to perfrom power mains upgrade while keeping the Burnside Tower online 100% using barttery backup units and generators.

April 19, 2018

Port Melbourne Router Outage
We're investigating a random reboot issue with one of the core devices that handle 20% of our internet traffic.
ISSUE RESOLVED: Bug fix provided by hardware vendor.

Global Network DNS Resolver
Our internal DNS servers primary-ns and secondary-ns are experiencing IP Address resolution issues.
ISSUE RESOLVED: Conditional forwarders configuration file corrupt.

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